Of the 100+ projects CCI has done:

37 Various branches of the US Federal Government(General Services Administration, Veterans Administration, Federal Courthouses, Federal Bureau of Prisons, Homeland Security)
5  Center for Disease Control
10  Federal and State Military posts(Army, Navy, Air Force, National Guard)
14  Federal Aviation Administration

State County & City
7 Private Companies
2 Private Healthcare projects
13 Elementary all the way to college educational facilities

Expert Construction Services

101 1-East Redecoration VA Medical Center $135,150.00 V637C-285 Asheville, NC September-84
102 J.W. Solomon Federal Building & Courthouse General Services Administration $465,863.00 GS-04B-84041 Chattanooga, TN January-85
103 Social Security Renovations Social Security Administration $179,670.00 Louisville, KY June-85
104 U.S. Post Office & Courthouse General Services Administration $256,710.00 GS-07B-31422 Fort Smith, AR November-86
106 ISA Post Office & Courthouse General Services Administration $452,823.00 GS-04B-85002 (NEG) Asheville, NC Jun-85
107 Judge's Suite & District Courtroom General Services Administration $627,141.00 GS-04B-85024 Jackson, MS Dec-85
108 Interior & Exterior Painting General Services Administration $473,863.00 GS-04B-85030 Gainesville, GA Mar-86
111 Computer Room Expansion Social Security Administration $339,844.00 GS-04P-86-EXC-0009 Birmingham, AL June-86
112 Renovations & Modifications U.S. Post Office & Courthouse & Custom House $926,160.00 GS-04P-86-EXC-0078 Key West, FL December-86
113 Renovation Second Floor, Building One VA Medical Center $1,174,955.00 V96C-831 Lexington, KY October-86
114 Installation of UPS Machines Center for Disease Control $289,031.32 86-174 Chamblee, GA November-86
115 Renovation & Upgrading of Space Federal Building & Post Office & Courthouse $952,472.71 GS-04P-87-EXC-0015 Tampa, FL August-87
116 Remodling & Expansion of Excisting S.C.I.F. Facilities U.S. Army Foreign Science & Technology Center $241,568.47 GS-03P-87-DXC-0456 Charlottesville, VA December-87
117 Fire Safety Improvements Federal Building & Courthouse $270,500.75 GS-07P-88-HUC-0200 Monroe, LA June-88
118 G Building 1500 KVA Transformer Naval Ordinace Station $133,561.07 N62470-87-C-5039 Louisville, KY July-88
119 Emergency Replacement, A/C Loop Feeder VA Medical Center $185,983.17 V679C-526 Tuscaloosa, AL June-88
120 Open Heart Surgery Renovations VA Medical Center $944,178.86 V521C-376 Birmingham, AL September-88
121 Fire Stair Tower, Sprinkler, Painting Federal Building & Courthouse $277,217.00 GS-04P-88-EXC-0140 Columbus, GA September-88
122 District Court Chambers Renovation U.S. Post Office & Courthouse & Custom House $371,064.00 GS-04P-88-EXC-0203 Louisville, KY November-88
123 Child Care Center Federal Building $319,034.00 GS-04P-86-EWD-0080 Louisville, KY April-89
124 Space Alterations Charles R. Jones Federal Building $635,273.00 04P-89-EXC-0083 Charlotte, NC July-89
125 U.S. Customs House & Fire Safety Improvements General Services Administration $1,847,024.75 07P-89-HUC-0060 New Orleans, LA September-89
126 U.S. Court House & Federal Building Department of the Army $216,498.96 Fort McPherson,GA September-89
127 New District Court & Chambers General Services Administration $1,394,696.23 GS-03P-90-DXC-0010 Abingdon, VA March-90
128 Renovations Fire Safety & Roof J.W. Solomon Federal Building $4,081,485.00 GS-04P-90-EXC-0054 Chattanooga, TN June-90
129 Renovations Federal Building & Courthouse General Services Administration $2,061,536.23 GS-04P-90-EXC0077 (NEG) Macon, GA July-90
131 Installation of Exterior Luminaries General Services Administration $75,365.19 Birmingham, AL October-90
133 Installation of Electrical Hardware FAA-Air Route Traffic Control Center $25,141.00 Jackson, MS July-91
134 Renovations Federal Building & Courthouse General Services Administration $923,597.00 GS-04P-91-0019 Elizabeth City, NC September-91
135 Renovation of Serum Bank Animal Care Facility Center for Disease Control $1,813,244.38 200-91-0199 Lawrenceville, GA September-91
136 South Dekalb Medical Center Marshall Co Health Authority $529,094.02 Crossville, AL February-92
137 Construction of Power System Modifications FAA-Air Route Traffic Control Center $2,856,156.00 DTFA06-92-C-30063 Hampton, GA July-92
138 Courthouse Space Conversion General Services Administration $1,492,008.00 Vicksburg, MS October-93
139 Albertville Family Practice Center Marshall Co Health Authority $577,348.03 Albertville, AL May-93
140 Renovations to 14th & 15th Floors McCoy Federal Building $1,197,682.71 GS-04P-93-CXC-0005 Jackson, MS April-93
141 Alter Wolfe Hall Keesler Air Force Base $7,288,519.76 N62467-92-B-0549 Biloxi, MS September-93
142 CTA Services Addition Marshall Co Health Authority $600,000.00 Boaz, AL November-93
143 Airfield Operations Upgrade Federal Aviation Administration $9,924,002.00 DACA63-94-C-0090 Fort Polk, LA September-93
144 Arab Livestock Option (also includes job 145) Sale Barn $113,325.07 Arab, AL August-94
146 Renovations to 2nd & 3rd Floors Paul G. Rogers Federal Building & Courthouse $2,404,451.00 GS-04P-94-EX-C0057 West Palm Beach,FL October-94
147 Cage wash Renovations Building #6 Center for Disease Control $1,149,980.00 200-95-0012 Atlanta, GA January-95
148 New Food Service Building Federal Bureau of Prisons $6,449,640.72 J131C-971 Atlanta, GA May-95
149 Construction of Automation Wing & Basement Federal Aviation Administration $3,756,242.91 DTFA06-96-C-30042 Hampton, GA July-96
150 Repairs & Alterations to the Federal Building General Services Administration $5,943,351.22 GS-07P-96-JUC-0034 Little Rock, AR August-98
151 1st Floor Renovations Alton Lennon Federal Building General Services Administration $1,444,016.00 GS-04P-96-EWC-0209 Wilmington, NC December-96
152 Construction of DSR, VSCS, AWR Federal Aviation Administration $7,718,368.00 DTFA06-97-C-30019 test test
153 Demolition & Improvments Federal Bureau of Prisons $7,166,280.96 J131C-122 Atlanta, GA June-00
154 Construction of ATCT Tracon Base Building Expansion Nashville International Airport $671,303.00 DTFA06-98-C-30043 Nashville, TN October-99
155 Construction of ATCT, Base Building, ESU Building Birmingham Municipal Airport $8,977,566.00 DTFA06-98-C-50038 Birmingham, AL August-00
157 Construction of ASR-9 Facility Federal Aviation Administration $1,046,992.36 DTFA06-99-C-50188 Buford, GA May-00
158 ATCT Modernization Jackson International Airport $819,443.66 DTFA06-00-C-30109 Jackson, MS May-00
159 ATCT & Base Building Modernization Fort Lauderdale International Airport $1,005,178.28 DTFA06-00-C-50122 Fort Lauderdale,FL June-01
162 NCID Replacement Building 109 Center for Disease Control $7,128,033.54 200-2000-10054 Chamblee, GA February-03
163 Construction of Divider Wall & Control Room Federal Aviation Administration $561,844.00 DTFA06-01-C-0159 Hilliard, FL June-01
166 Courthouse & Federal Office Building Improvements General Services Administration $1,658,131.00 GS-04P-01-CXC-0007 Tuscaloosa, AL March-03
168 Generator Project Federal Bureau of Prisons $3,561,830.00 J30106-C-012 Atlanta, GA May-03
169 Renovation of USDS/USMS/Security Fence General Services Administration $4,736,652.00 GS-04P-02-CXC-0052 Oxford, MS January-04
170 Rework Buford Highway Entrance Center for Disease Control $1,317,036.00 GS-04P-02-EXC-0052 Chamblee, GA April-03
173 Administration Wing Rehab, ARTCC Federal Aviation Administration $12,082,687.00 DTFA06-01-C-04408 Miami, FL May-06
176 Citizens Bank Renovations Citizens Bank & Trust $392,902.00 Arab, AL July-06
178 STARS Modernization ARTCT Federal Aviation Administration $823,782.00 DTFASO-04-D-00003 Jacks/Gains/Craig Fld,FL June-06
179 Hurricane Restoration ARTCC Federal Aviation Administration $241,257.00 DTFASO-04-C-00026 Pensacola, FL August-06
180 Hurricane Restoration ARTCC Federal Aviation Administration $110,235.00 Melbourne, FL January-06
181 Hurricane Restoration ARTCC Federal Aviation Administration $131,935.00 DTFASO-04-C-00023 Montgomery, AL May-06
182 First Baptist Church Roof First Basptist $67,000.00 Albertville, AL January-07
183 Federal Law Enforcement Training Center Renovation Homeland Security $9,937,621.00 Brunswick, GA March-07
184 A New Inpatient Facility Shepherd's Cove Hospice of Marshall County $3,804,145.00 Albertville, AL November-07
186 ATCT, Tracon Base Building, & ESU Building Federal Aviation Administration $14,182,090.00 Huntsville, AL October-07
187 Security System Modification Miami ARTCC $1,259,243.00 DTFASO-05-C-0028 Miami, FL February-07
189 CID Lab Expansion Corps of Engineer $4,207,710.00 W912HN-06-C-0073 Fort Gilliem, GA February-08
191 A New High School Cafeteria Albertville City Schools $4,106,574.50 Albertville, AL August-08
193 Albertville High School Renovations Albertville City Schools $635,235.00 Albertville, AL March-09
195 Albertville High School Sidewalks Albertville City Schools $12,450.00 Albertville, AL April-09
196 Records Retention Facility NASA-Stennis Space Center $2,119,822.11 NNS09AA76T Stennis Space Center,MS February-10
197 Control Wing Mod. 4 (Phase 1) & Automation Rehab (Phase 1) Federal Aviation Administration $1,311,225.00 DTFASO-09-C-00055 Memphis, TN January-11
198 US Courthouse Renovation & Addition General Services Administration $9,439,064.00 GS-04P-09-EX-C-0025 New Bern, NC November-10
199 Stennis Space Center Renovations NASA-Stennis Space Center $1,018,821.00 NNS11AA56T Stennis Space Center,MS February-12
200 Renovations of Men's & Women's Restrooms Federal Aviation Administration $397,421.00 Hampton, GA May-12
201 Renovations to Plainview School DeKalb County BOE $1,988,321.00 Rainsville, AL May-12
202 Saferoom at Plainview School DeKalb County BOE $153,844.00 Rainsville, AL May-12
203 Renovate Fitness Wellness Center US Navy (NAVFAC) $1,929,405.00 Millington, TN April-13
204 RSA Building Renovation Retirement Systems of Alabama $4,258,961.00 Bid Pkg 12 Mobile, AL July-13
205 Replace B Complex Tunnel Pressure HVAC Equipment NASA-Stennis Space Center $35,786.00 NNS12AB19T/NNS09AA70B Stennis Space Center,MS October-12
206 Building 2220 Renovation Fort McClellan Alabama National Guard $2,073,881.00 AC-13-C-0062-5 Anniston, AL January-15
207 New Sardis Middle School Etowah County BOE $6,624,383.00 2013094 Sardis, AL March-15
209 Progress Rail renovation Progress Rail $290,314.00 Boaz, AL August-14
210 NG Readiness Center Alterations and Addition Alabama National Guard $3,652,046.00 AC-14-B-0005-S Ft. Quarles, Decatur, AL July-16
211 NG DRTS Administrative Building Renovation Alabama National Guard $1,933,886.00 AC-14-B-0110-S Decatur, AL January-16
212 Progress Rail renovation Progress Rail $217,557.00 Boaz, AL March-16
213 Evans Elementary School Cafeteria & Classroom Additions Albertville City Schools $2,609,944.00 14-199A Albertville, AL October-15
214 Progress Rail renovation Progress Rail $22,000.00 Boaz, AL March-16
215 Chalkville Elementary School Cafeteria Jefferson County BOE $3,231,927.00 2015369 Chalkville, AL April-17
216 Citizens Bank Corporate Office Citizens Bank & Trust $5,534,467.00 B519 Guntersville, AL May-17
217 Dekalb County 911 Center Dekalb County $4,750,844.00 15009 Rainsville, AL May-18
218 Lee County Courthouse Renovation & Addition Lee County Commission $9,328,844.00 13111 Opelika, AL Apr-19
219 City of Oneonta Office Building (Wallace State) City of Oneonta $3,384,844.00 Oneonta, AL. May-19
220 Fayette Armory Restoration Alabama National Guard $4,148,777.37 Fayette, AL 19-Oct
221 Albertville Recreation Center & Amphitheather City of Albertville $31,543,839.99 Albertville, AL 20-Dec
222 Sparkman Building Roof and Wall Upgrades Calhoun Community College $11,206,289.14 BC NO. 2019011 Huntsville, AL 22-May
224 FMTC Transient Training Barracks Complex The Armory Commission of Alabama $34,756,391.98 AC-21-C-0004-S Anniston, AL IN PROGRESS
226 Columbia High School Campus Improvements Huntsville City School Board of Education $7,358,711.97 BC NO.2021162 Huntsville, AL 23-Sep
228 AHS Band Facility at the Coliseum Albertville City Schools $6,264,848.00 DCM 202219 Albertville, AL IN PROGRESS
229 Moody Police Department City of Moody $6,547,844.00 Project 1823 Moody, AL IN PROGRESS
230 New Jefferson County International Baccalaureate School Jefferson County BOE $67,989,844.00 DCM 2022180 Fultondale, AL IN PROGRESS