A New Building for Citizens Bank and Trust (216)

Construction of the Citizens Bank & Trust in Guntersville, Alabama was unique in that it was started approximately 8 years earlier by another local bank and was abandoned in the early stages of structural development. Our initial task was to assess the existing concrete structure and modify it to accept the entirely new construction requirements per the current owners and architects.

This project was similar in square footage, contained new construction as well as renovation. This project included rooftop pavers as well as seating area much like one required for this project.

Extensive excavation work with an elaborate underground storm water detainment system and numerous retainer walls were installed to encompass the 2-acre site bordering State highways on each side and a city street on one end. ALDOT guidelines were followed closely in construction of the entrances, merge lanes, exits, turn lanes, striping and all appropriate signage. Heavy duty concrete and over 60,000 square feet of asphalt paving were used to create parking spaces for over 70 employees and customers. Sidewalks, ADA compliant ramps, concrete curbs & gutters, islands, ornamental fencing, lavish landscaping with an automated irrigation system incorporate the entire 96,000 square feet of property.

Selective demolition of certain foundation areas were necessary prior to structural composition which included additional concrete footings and foundations, structural steel framing, steel stud walls and steel roof trusses.

Exterior components consisted of brick, pre-cast stone veneer, glass masonry units, fiber cement siding trim, EIFS, aluminum wood clad windows, FRP columns, FRP window and door headers/surrounds and a pre-fabricated cupola atop the 65’ roof peak.

Interior construction consisted of painted gypsum board walls, acoustical ceilings, formed metal linear ceilings, carpet tile, ceramic tile floors and accents, steel and solid core wood doors, aluminum clad wood doors, full view glass office dividers and doors. Solid wood casework, laminated casework and granite countertops were installed in various offices, restrooms and kitchen spaces. Steel stairways with concrete treads and a hydraulic elevator access all three floors of the 36,000 square feet of administrative area.

Additionally, there is an open outdoor patio space covering 2,200 above the drive-through teller lanes with a spectacular view overlooking Lake Guntersville featuring large landscaped seating areas for entertaining and special functions.

Typical Fire suppression, Plumbing, Mechanical and Electrical was also incorporated along with an emergency generator and all rough-ins for bank teller systems and vaults.


Complete project listing upon request.

DeKalb County Board of Education – Plainview School Renovation (201)

Plainview School in Rainsville Alabama is operated by the Dekalb County Board of Education and is a K through 12 School. In April 2011 the school was hit by a tornado and major destruction occurred at this campus. Carmon Construction, Inc. was awarded the contract of this renovation project, which consisted of 65,000.00 square feet of area. This project was very similar in complexity to the North Public Safety Complex in that it included similar square footage. This project was not a new construction however it did contain new finishes and in many areas new structural items.

Renovations for the Plainview High School required a new roof. Once the roof was replaced, we started our part of the renovation work. This consisted of removing all furniture, ceilings, light fixtures, cabinetry, doors, marker and tack boards and years of added communication wiring and devices. When all the furnishings and damaged materials were removed from the building interior, we started the asbestos abatement of the floor tile. Since the building had multiple wings a decision was made to phase the project into seven areas. Minor structural damages were discovered during the renovation and had to be repaired as not to compromise the structural integrity of the building. As the subcontractors were completed in their assigned areas they would move into the next area, thus allowing the work to flow in a systematic flow. Once the ACM was removed and clearance was obtained, we started the environmental procedures. Again, this was a major mold remediation for the entire building. When this was achieved, an encapsulate of primer was applied to all areas of the building from the roof deck down to and including the floors. The corridor walls were updated to achieve a one hour assembly.

The required new systems that were installed included lighting package, fire alarm, data and security systems. The new finishes included painted walls, new doors and hardware, casework for all classrooms, new marker and tack boards, new vinyl composition floor tiles, windows and ceilings. This project was successfully completed without interruption of students and faculty allowing them to use the cafeteria and a battery of restrooms within the renovated facility.

Plainview School Renovations
Rainsville, Alabama
65,000 sq ft
Completion date: May 2012

Complete project listing available upon request.

Albertville City Schools – Cafeteria (191)

This project was a new fully modernized construction of a cafeteria for Albertville High School. This building consisted of 14,500 square feet of new space. Modern state of the art food service equipment was installed in the kitchen area with walk in coolers and freezers. This area also includes a spacious storage area for dry food storage with shelving and racks included.

The dinning area adequately will dine four hundred students and faculty at one setting. The finishes are unique in the way the ceiling systems include acoustical clouded areas to show multidimensional planes and elevations. Lighting fixtures are suspended from aircraft cables to break the monotonous of standard ceiling fixtures.

The exterior walls are made up to include large storefront windows to allow enormous natural lighting to the interior to add to the open areas. The floor is a polymer system poured with layouts systematic with the radios at the front of the building. The exterior facade consisted of cast stone; brick, aluminum storefront and fiberglass molded stepped soffit system.

The building included three towers at the front corners and main entrances. Just off the front radios of the building a four-tiered amphitheater was constructed for school functions and assemblies. The landscaping consisted of common sodded areas for student activities. The main drive entrances would accommodate several buses at the same time for student arrival and departure from school.

Albertville High School Cafeteria
Albertville, Alabama
14,500 sq ft
Completion date: November 2008

Complete project listing available upon request.

Hospice of Marshall County, AL (184)

This project is located at the intersection of Martling Road and North Street on the East side of Albertville, AL. Floor plan consists of 193 total rooms in the 38,000 square feet single and two-story facility. The interior includes Living Room, Family Rooms, Library, Physicians Exam and office, Secured Drug room, Chapel, Biohazard rooms, 1200sf Conference room, Board room, 3 Kitchens, 10 Guest rooms w/large private baths, and numerous administrative offices. Overall building construction includes concrete, masonry walls, structural steel joists and decks, standing seam metal and asphalt shingle roof, carpet, tile, VCT, acoustical and gypsum ceilings, residential casework, hydraulic elevator, sprinkler system, fire alarm system, total HVAC and medical gas systems.

Hospice of Marshall County
Albertville, Alabama
38,800 sq ft
Completion date: February 2007

Complete project listing available upon request.