Dept. of Homeland Security – Training Center Renovation (183)

The Renovation to Building 681 at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Glynn County, Georgia consisted of an existing machine shop, which was 160 feet wide by 120 feet long. Building 681 was demoed to the structural steel and existing floor including the roof. Additional steel was added to create a second floor. Then all new interior and exterior finishes were added including two passenger elevators. The exterior received new landscaping and parking lots. The end results were over 100,000 square feet of new office space and TV production studio for FLETC.

Homeland Security
Brunswick, Georgia
99,800 sq ft
Completion date: March 2007

Complete project listing available upon request.

ARTCC Administrative Wing – Rehab (173)

This job included total renovation of the administration wing and a 4,500 square foot addition to the wing and loading dock area. This project also included new glass and metal panel window wall, new roof, landscaping, and dock leveler. Building interior received total new finishes along with new electrical systems, mechanical systems, and new security lock systems and fire sprinklers.

Federal Aviation Administration
Miami, Florida
21,300 sq ft
Completion date: May 2006

Complete project listing available upon request.

U.S. Federal Bureau of Prisons – Generator (168)

This project consisted of Replacement of three Emergency Generators used for back-up power for the United States Federal Bureau of Prisons in Atlanta, Georgia.

Three new 2,500 KW generators (only Caterpillar makes generators this large) including the fan plenum housing, muffler exhaust system and a 12,000 gallon fuel tank and fuel pump system to power the generators. Once the new generators were on-line, CCI had to take the existing generators off-line and have them refurbished.

Other trades included in this project were asbestos abatement, new interior masonry walls, metal roof, plastering, structural steel and painting.

Demo and removal of two underground fuel tanks was required with the required federal testing and closure reports.

Federal Bureau of Prisons
Atlanta, Georgia
400 sq ft
Completion date: May 2003

Complete project listing available upon request.

Center for Disease Control – NCID Replacement Building (162)

Carmon Construction, Inc. was the prime contractor for the construction of laboratory building 109. Building 109 is a 27,325 square foot testing laboratory for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Chamblee, GA. This project included the construction of the laboratory building, as well as additional parking lot and landscaping. Building was constructed on spread footings with cast-in-place foundation walls and concrete floors. Approximately one third of the facility is constructed with laboratories rated at BSL 2E and 3.

Building 109 consists of a structural steel structure with exterior CMU walls with brick veneer. The exterior entry and lobby of the building consists of aluminum composite panels. The front facade of the building has aluminum sun shading devices. The entryway of the laboratory is decorative flat seam metal roof with a clerestory raised above the lower roof with aluminum composite panels for the soffit. This facility had unique requirements for plumbing, electrical, and HVAC to accommodate laboratory case work, Bio-med exhaust fan hoods, walk in coolers, freezer, and sterilizers.

A new asphalt parking lot was added along with river rock hardscape around the perimeter of the building with Bermuda sod and exterior plants. At the rear of the building a dock leveler was installed for loading and unloading laboratory equipment.

Center for Disease Control
Chamblee, Georgia
27,325 sq ft
Completion date: February 2003

Complete project listing available upon request.

ATCT – Birmingham International Airport (155)

The work included, but was not limited to, construction of Airport Traffic Control Tower (ATCT) with 180-foot tower shaft and steel frame glass enclosed cab; 12,000 square foot Base Building and 1,500 square foot Environmental Support Unit (ESU) Building. There were cassions and formed in place walls for the tower foundation. The base building and ESU Building is built on spread footings with cast in place stem walls. The skin of all three structures is precast concrete. The control tower includes systems to control all runway, taxiway, and approach lighting of the airport. Carmon Construction, Inc. completed wire ways and duct banks that house radar systems and telecommunication systems. Carmon Construction, Inc. also installed an elevator for personnel transport to the tower cab. Cab consoles were installed in the cab, as well as access flooring. A glass enclosed link was constructed to connect the control tower with the base building. The 12,600 square foot base building was constructed of precast concrete. The base building is the main administrative building. Access floor was installed in all the communication areas. This provides a space to interconnect voice and data cabling between the base building and the air traffic control cab.

The 1,500 square feet Environmental Support Unit(ESU),was constructed of precast concrete panels. The ESU building houses electrical generators, UPS battery backup, mechanical and electrical services.

A 90-space asphalt parking lot with security gates and fencing was constructed. Landscape irrigation was installed to all islands in the parking lot as well as around the base building and control tower. Trees and shrubbery were installed around the entire perimeter of the facility.

Federal Aviation Administration
Birmingham, Alabama
17,600 sq ft
Completion date: August 2001

Complete project listing available upon request.

Paul G. Rogers Federal Building – Courtroom Renovations (146)

This project consisted of building five courtrooms with very intricate, detailed woodwork. Where the five courtrooms were built-the existing area was demoed to the bare structure. The five courtrooms included U.S. District Courtrooms one and two, a Grand Jury Courtroom, Judges chambers one, two, and three, Magistrates Chambers, Conference room, Jury assembly rooms, law clerk offices, Bankruptcy courtroom, U. S. Magistrates courtroom, three law libraries and clerk of court area. We made required structural changes to the building to install a dumbwaiter for transporting documents from one floor to another. We installed totally new HVAC, plumbing, security, duress, sound, and electrical systems along with all-new finishes. In addition, we installed a new prisoner elevator and two new holding cells.

General Service Administration
West Palm, Florida
7,100 sq ft
Completion date: October 12, 1994

Complete project listing available upon request.

U.S. Army – Airfield Operations Upgrade (143)

The airfield operations up-grade consisted of 41,000 square feet comprising three buildings: a guardhouse, a fire and rescue facility, and a base control building, which housed weather forecasting, approach control and other complicated radar and surveillance systems as well as administrative offices. This project included work to be done over an entire military airport, which covered approximately three hundred acres. We successfully installed the approach and surveillance cabling and connections and an enormous amount of communications, and airfield lighting systems. Also included were large precast walls and runway lighting.

Department of the Army
Fort Polk, Louisiana
17,800 sq ft
Completion date: September 20, 1993

Complete project listing available upon request.

Center for Disease Control – Cryogenics Lab (135)

The Cryogenics Lab for the CDC at Lawrenceville, GA was primarily a storage of Aids Serum. The CDC planned to collect all the different known existing strands of the AIDS disease, so that they could study them. The Cryogenics refrigerators are capable of freezing below -150 degrees (150 degrees below zero, Celsius). Stainless steel nitrogen piping was installed along with a large exterior nitrogen tank. Two new electrical generators were also installed with parallel switching gear to supply back-up power to the entire CDC facility at Lawrenceville, GA.

Center for Disease Control
Lawrenceville, Georgia
8,100 sq ft
Completion date: September 30, 1991

Complete project listing available upon request.

Macon, Georgia Federal Building – Courthouse Renovations (129)

The Macon, Georgia Federal Building/Courthouse renovation required several different tasks.

Some of these tasks include the following:

• exterior stone restoration and painting
• renovation to the clay tile roof
• renovated and added to ornamental plaster
• cleaning of historical marble stairs
• additions of some elaborate woodwork
• stripping and re-staining interior woodwork
• removing and replacing plaster ceilings
• cutting and resetting marble
• sprinkler and fire alarm upgrade
• removal and replacement of coppercoping at roof
• removal of bricked-in windows
• installation of new wood windows
• restoration of the buildings Historical effect

General Service Administration
Macon, Georgia
9,995 sq ft
Completion date: July 31, 1990

Complete project listing available upon request.

J.W. Solomon Federal Building – Renovations (128)

This project was the renovation of the Solomon Federal Building, Post Office, and Courthouse. Our favorite part of this project was the restoration of a historic canvas painting, which resides on the wall of the Court Room. There were many different tasks included in the project. Some of these tasks were the complete renovation of Electrical, Fire Alarm, HVAC, Plumbing, and addition of Fire Sprinklers. This project also included construction of a new roof and cleaning the marble walls and silver gilding of the main lobby ceiling and cleaning the stone exterior.

General Service Administration
Chattanooga, Tennessee
42,852 sq ft
Completion date: June 29, 1990

Complete project listing available upon request.