DeKalb County Board of Education – Plainview School Renovation (201)

Plainview School in Rainsville Alabama is operated by the Dekalb County Board of Education and is a K through 12 School. In April 2011 the school was hit by a tornado and major destruction occurred at this campus. Carmon Construction, Inc. was awarded the contract of this renovation project, which consisted of 65,000.00 square feet of area. This project was very similar in complexity to the North Public Safety Complex in that it included similar square footage. This project was not a new construction however it did contain new finishes and in many areas new structural items.

Renovations for the Plainview High School required a new roof. Once the roof was replaced, we started our part of the renovation work. This consisted of removing all furniture, ceilings, light fixtures, cabinetry, doors, marker and tack boards and years of added communication wiring and devices. When all the furnishings and damaged materials were removed from the building interior, we started the asbestos abatement of the floor tile. Since the building had multiple wings a decision was made to phase the project into seven areas. Minor structural damages were discovered during the renovation and had to be repaired as not to compromise the structural integrity of the building. As the subcontractors were completed in their assigned areas they would move into the next area, thus allowing the work to flow in a systematic flow. Once the ACM was removed and clearance was obtained, we started the environmental procedures. Again, this was a major mold remediation for the entire building. When this was achieved, an encapsulate of primer was applied to all areas of the building from the roof deck down to and including the floors. The corridor walls were updated to achieve a one hour assembly.

The required new systems that were installed included lighting package, fire alarm, data and security systems. The new finishes included painted walls, new doors and hardware, casework for all classrooms, new marker and tack boards, new vinyl composition floor tiles, windows and ceilings. This project was successfully completed without interruption of students and faculty allowing them to use the cafeteria and a battery of restrooms within the renovated facility.

Plainview School Renovations
Rainsville, Alabama
65,000 sq ft
Completion date: May 2012

Complete project listing available upon request.

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