ATCT – Birmingham International Airport (155)

The work included, but was not limited to, construction of Airport Traffic Control Tower (ATCT) with 180-foot tower shaft and steel frame glass enclosed cab; 12,000 square foot Base Building and 1,500 square foot Environmental Support Unit (ESU) Building. There were cassions and formed in place walls for the tower foundation. The base building and ESU Building is built on spread footings with cast in place stem walls. The skin of all three structures is precast concrete. The control tower includes systems to control all runway, taxiway, and approach lighting of the airport. Carmon Construction, Inc. completed wire ways and duct banks that house radar systems and telecommunication systems. Carmon Construction, Inc. also installed an elevator for personnel transport to the tower cab. Cab consoles were installed in the cab, as well as access flooring. A glass enclosed link was constructed to connect the control tower with the base building. The 12,600 square foot base building was constructed of precast concrete. The base building is the main administrative building. Access floor was installed in all the communication areas. This provides a space to interconnect voice and data cabling between the base building and the air traffic control cab.

The 1,500 square feet Environmental Support Unit(ESU),was constructed of precast concrete panels. The ESU building houses electrical generators, UPS battery backup, mechanical and electrical services.

A 90-space asphalt parking lot with security gates and fencing was constructed. Landscape irrigation was installed to all islands in the parking lot as well as around the base building and control tower. Trees and shrubbery were installed around the entire perimeter of the facility.

Federal Aviation Administration
Birmingham, Alabama
17,600 sq ft
Completion date: August 2001

Complete project listing available upon request.

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